Ontario Justice….Here we go again!…another hit and run….wheelchair bound victim!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, here we go again, in New Brunswick an Ontario wheelchair bound person was hit and run and I am not sure Roger’s news didn’t release it fully but irregardless that’s a major trauma or death…..now, if they catch the asshole, what’s he going to get off on or years off because of “mitigating” circumstances…..and if that Ontario victim is alive what does he or she have to live with?  Two years of insurance paid existance and then after those two years are over he/she will be just like me…..living off / ekking out an existance of around 1K a month….that’s 12K per year for something that wasn’t even your fault….like I always say on my blog….damn I wish I was American…because of my head injury because of a drunken hit and run driver I’d be a millionaire, but, I ekk out at 12K a year…..very pissed off citizen of Ontario Canada, Andy from Ottawa…


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One response to “Ontario Justice….Here we go again!…another hit and run….wheelchair bound victim!!!!!

  1. Andy Stephen

    Just saw that it was a woman and she died….I am speechless, when the hell is this drunken driving, hit and run driving going to stop? I have nothing else to say….I leave it to you and your thoughts the next time you go out for a late night dinner with friends and hit the bars…..I leave it up to you…..but I will ask you this Dear Readers, what punishment is fitting? 5 to 10 years? that’s a laugh….they only do 2/3 mandatory, 1/3 on parole if they get it, 1/6 on temporary absence passes….meaning, they get to wander all day and sleep in a half way house at night……Got to love our system eh? Andy from Ottawa

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