Ontario Justice….Finally the Readers of this blog are getting the clue….where are you?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok Ontario Justice, time for you to scrape the scales and sleep out of your eyes….if, the laity (insulting eh? – isn’t that how you refer to us like the hoy polloy) can get it ie. connecting taser 1, 2, 3 and the murder of Constable David Utman, how come no ones knocking at my door?  ie. OPP etc….hell, a couple of months ago I left a disparaging remark to the Mexican Embassy about Canadians being held for years for no trial and for no offence ie. 78 year old grandfather, but boy oh boy, the REGISTERED COLLECTORS of MAFIA PARLIAMENT were at my door within 2 to 4 hours….I think an unsolved and believe me it is not totally solved yet murder of David Utman is not complete…..so, where are the OPP?  Where are the OPP superiors/oversights to look into this?  …..lookey lookey Al!!!! lookey lookey Al!!!! Andy from Ottawa


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