David Utman…Read 01 Sept. Blog…called Now you’re getting the clue…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, I appreciate and am ecstatic that people such as you are starting to read into different parts of my blog concerning the murder and I fully believe as a cop working at the time, police negligence that led to his murder….yesterday, I tied all the ribbons together Taser 1, 2, 3 and David Utman and my blog yesterday was Now you’re getting the clue, yesterday’s blog….take it and run….and by that I mean news persons, lawyers, civil suit lawyers, OPP, you know who I mean….amongst you….and as for me….hell, I got colon cancer, I’m broke, live on CPP because of a motorcycle accident (head injury, paralysis) do you think I have anything to gain or lose?  I think not….just as you think not….my door is always open….and, my phone (I know to be tapped) is always available…..yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…


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