Woman conceals dead baby….50K bail?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, another case of Ontario Justice run amuck…..what if it was a guy?  what if it was a guy concealing adult remains?  I’ll give you a quick example of how bail works…..one, I lived two condo apartment doors down from then Minister of Justice Allan Rock…..he had 24 hour RCMP, he never heard or called about a thing….two, I was then putting up with an obsessive drug addict of a so called girlfriend….even the judge who convicted me (and loves to convict cops, I might add….Justice Hugh Fraser) acknowledged the former and also added there was no evidence to support her claims (which she recanted several times to several different authorities/police/lawyers/friends etc) so anyways off to jail I went at the end of a 10K bond……10K for nothing….10K for my so called and infact non-crime….anyways….didn’t bother me….I had in the figurative and literal sense a riot in jail…..had an absolute riot….so anyways…..man is mars and vice, women is venus and virtue…..ya right!  ya right! tell that to Karla Homolka…..tell that to Lizzy Borden….you get my drift….that’s all….Andy from Ottawa, Ontario


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