USA…Ashley Dupre vs. Tonight’s News….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley….you are one beautiful sexy knockout….I am sure you had to hold your nose when you were…..with Spitzer….however, I fully understand what you are saying because it is the ultimate truth about any male/female relationship….you are absolutely correct, you have nothing to be ashamed of , and I know you are not, as you shouldn’t be….it is a truism….now, moving on to me….I’m not allowed in the States….but you can check me out at  and decide if you want to take this 54 year old ex-cop for dinner and then have your way with me…..hey, what the hell…..every road has two ways doesn’t it?  Seriously, I see good things for you coming… a fictionalized book about your life a la Xaviera Hollander etc. etc….you go girl! XXX Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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