Oh Where Oh Where can my little blogs be? Oh where oh where can they be?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

I have been accused of being greedy….

I have been accused of being needy…..

One year a 11,000 blog hits I see….

Why oh why I still wonder…..

Have the PC’s buried me under….

Maybe I am far too rude…..

But never ever am I crude….

So maybe the PC’s will try to make me fry…

But my best efforts will forever make then sigh!

Hey, I’m a damn poet and I didn’t know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe next I’ll try Haiku, and tell the powers that be….take a flying F you….well I’m going to go pull out some naval fuzz and read my entrails from them to see what I can do to get you to read more and more and more and more….I’m really an interesting person you know….LOL LOL LOL, Andy from Ottawa, Canada 


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