Ontario Justice…Here we go again! Sept 05..absolutely nuts!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, I am not a misogynist by any means….my past proves that….but, here we go again…..vis a vis woman vs. the law and sentencing…..I believe it was last year, here in Ottawa, a red sports car ran over a homeless man on Rideau and Sussex and sped off…the homeless man was killed on impact….I am assuming this is that case because the times are right between offence, capture and quick trial….so………the lady driver ends up with house arrest (didn’t say how long) and the poor homeless guy (detrious in her eyes I guess) is totally forgotten….now, all you guys who are reading this just ponder for a moment….would that have happened to you?  House Arrest when you’re driving a cement truck, a delivery truck, a roofers truck, your company’s sedan, your pick up truck with your business label on the sides……I think not!  This is getting ridiculous!  Believe me….I wouldn’t want to see anybody go to jail…..myself…I was totally innocent but I had a riot, however, I think Ontario judges would rather send innocent people to jail then drunken murderers because they know fully well that after the pervs and diddlers, drunken murderers are also on the lowest end of the pecking order……and that is the way it should be….drunken driving, hit and run, murder, a so called “throw away, expendible person” ….a female driver, probably young, driving a nice car….probably from a nice rich family….and she get’s house arrest!…..if you want to know from an ex-cop what house arrest is exactly…..contact me, at www.ajmurdoch.wordpress.com , anyways, please remember that poor soul…hell, if you came from a poor family or lived on a rough edge of town you’d be forgotten too….have a nice day…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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