Quebec Justice System….Congratulations!!!!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Concerning my title, I am ecstatic….finally, after all the slaughter on our roads, highways, anywhere where cars can navigate, and drunks are prevalent and cause untold numbers of murders, injuries (I’m one of the life term injured – live on CPP – barely making it) finally one province has stood up and said enough!!! Quebec, fantastic!  They are going to try and D.O. which means at sentencing try and incarcerate a drunken driver who was responsible for a fatality…and the D.O. is obviously the Dangerous Offender that the Crown can only introduce at sentencing…..which would give the offender an indeterminate sentence as opposed to the usual two to four to six years of which the offender always walks away with  2/3 mandatory release and God knows how much time shaved off via parole…D.O. status for drunk drivers, especially repeats and unquestionably cause death now that is a real sentence…..Quebec I hope every province and territory follows your lead….Bless you and best to you…Andy from Ottawa


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