To all in this Brave New World…Happy Labour Day Weekend!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, burp, burp, ok, ok, cough, cough, ok, ok, I think I can talk now….burp, Happy Labour Day Weekend!  burp, to one and burp all….I hope you’re as confining your drinking to your cottages or house, burp, or even tent, and when you return, burp, to your house you’re as sober as……I cannot say judges anymore can we?  ….. I hope you’re as sober as a church mouse…..can’t say that either can we?  burp, they’re into communication wine (I know it’s communion wine silly gooses, burp)so I hope you’re driving and will drive as sober as ….. hmmmmm ummmmmm a Gila monster…’s the best I could think of at this time…..yah!  one more day left!!!!!! God I wish I could bank these days…..burp, yurp, It’s Wyatt Urpp…LOL LOL…Drive Safe, Drive Defensive, Yours, Andy from Ottawa… 


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