Under Mensa Game Results Starting to Come In!!!!!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

First person to respond, Homer Simpson….he had one word..DoHHH!  but obviously wasn’t following the rules.  Failed.  Second person to respond, Charlie Manson….he had six hundred and sixty-six words….I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to verify them, so I asked him politely to email them in and I’m sure he has done very well…..even though they are all rude as hell….what the hell…he’s a real party guy right?  right?  we’ll cut him a pass right?  I emphasize the word CUT him a pass right?  he’s a funny guy! 

Third person was Keith Richards….he had about 536 words, I could not for the life of me figure out….where is that computer guy?…I asked to join us in our little game?  I don’t know if he was talking Urdu, Perdu, Mandarin, Mandrake, LSD, Moonwalking or tripping, I don’t know….it was unintelligible but the computer guy will figure that out….

So Dear Readers, the game goes on….play on….live long….bang a gong….and smoke a good bong….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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