Iran ignores Ikea???????

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, I know I’m not the smartest light bulb on the Christmas tree but I just read on the CNN news creeper that Iran ignores Ikea!  Who would ever want to ignore Ikea?  They make the best furniture that is the most easiest to assemble and they even include the one hex tool you need to assemble each and every piece….for that matter to extrapolate what would Iran have against Sweden?  As an ex-cop living in Ottawa, Canada everybody knows the Swedes are the coolest people in the world and their women are the most gorgeous and uninhibited….what would Iran have against the Swedes and for that matter Ikea?  OUCH! OUCH! SLAP! SMACK! OOF! WOOZA! ZING! PIFF! SPLIFF! OUCH! SCHREIK! OUCH!

Well it’s me again, my wife just slapped the shit out of me….I inadvertently thought the title was Iran ignores Ikea….when the real title as I now learned, now that I have my glasses on (they’re broken in half now and taped up) that Iran ignores INEA…oh God, I’m so silly sometimes….that’s why other women find me so cute….anyways, it wasn’t Ikea like I thought it was the INEA….bye for now, sigh! still thinking of those Swedish airline Stewardesses….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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