Mexican President Reshuffles Cabinet!!!!!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

My God, ok, I shouldn’t say God but ok, ok, this is a major major news item from that nation of pigs….can you imagine they are reshuffling the cabinet while untold, so we are told, policemen are languishing in jail for corruption, however, the bosses of bosses are just being reshuffled to other redundant and useless positions where they still sit at a desk, feet propped up, smoking expensive cigars and drinking fine brandy, while they still run the country via their cartels and assassination teams….I hope Pres still sleeps but never trusts his underground lead lined glass enclosed bullet proofed apartment….so, you live with pigs, you live like pigs, all you have done is change the colour of the pigs in the cabinet….you’ve done nothing….Gringos are still in your prisons because their families cannot pay the ranson you demand….foreigners are still raped and ravaged then disappear….nothing has changed in your pig nation…..yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada 


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