North America this Sissification of our Kids…too much man!!!!!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, part of this is about that poor coach facing manslaughter because one of his players dropped dead….If I remember correctly, 8 dropped dead that year…from various ailments…..which brings me to us…..the normal parents with healthy kids……remember after homework or before, we were out the door from sun up to sun down…..riding bicycles even with flat tires because we wanted to stay out….hell, I know personally of kids in my neighbourhood who have never seen the light of day or rode brand new (now 4 to 5 years old) bicycles, never seen the light of day because they are always on their GD computer games, handheld or I don’t know…the table top…you know what I mean…well that’s what I mean about the wussification of our kids and especially our young boys…..they will only become men by virtue of a calendar age certainly not by their (lack) masculinity….they don’t even have a hope in hell of knowing what being a boy, adolescent male, post adolescent male, and then a full male is or was ever about…..God I’m glad I got cancer and I’m going soon, even though I’m 54….I think you know where I’m going on this….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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