USA…California….Harvey Milks Day…why not?

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, straight off from the top, I am straight, totally straight but I am not narrow….and no, I did not see the Harvey Milks movie with Sean Penn who I understand garnered and earned well deserved accolades…..but, I will say this, why should there not be a Harvey Milks Day?…..the first openly gay politician in the entire USA way back then….1970s I think…why not?  Your nation goes ga-ga ga-ga ga-ga over those adulterous venerial disease ridden sons of a gangster during the prohibition years….ya, you memorialize those damn Kennedys…and you have so many untold, unheralded heros who are much infinitely much more deserving…..of honour, respect, and yes, their day….and with this….that is all I have to say….God Bless all of your untold, unknown, and unrecognized heros whom I might add includes each and every single member past and present of your armed forces….much love and respect to the USA, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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