USA…You got it from the Experts now…Stay away from Afghanistan!!!!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, Uncle Sam, you heard it yourself from the land of liberte, equalite, run away…..yes, France is known for much more too….like drunkeness, over priced wine, over rated women, absolute recalcitrant of each soul that breaths in that land…anti Western, Israeli, English, world, you know where I’m going….however, if that land of craven cowards says they ain’t gonna go to Afghanistan, I think we better listen to the craven cowards and duplicitous sneaks on this one…..and remember, what my hero General George S. Patton said about the French….I’d rather have the entire German army in front of me, than any French army behind me….so, listen to the slimy sneaks….get the hell out of Afghanistan….you’ve lost enough for an ingrate nation….and, you’re still licking your wounds over Iraq where a common citizen or CNN observer can never find out the totality of your losses… that not called censorship?  Yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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