HLN/CNN What are you doing? Trying to build Cults of personality?

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, God knows, I get up early enough in the morning to channel surf and catch the top news and the female reporters…ie. Daryl Kaygan, one of my all time favs, I don’t know where she is anymore…Carol Costello….and obviously Robin Meade…but what is this abomination that has Robin Meade already one of the most telegenic women on TV (after Carol Costello and Daryl Kaygan) screeching into some music mike to back up her advertising for her hours she’s on TV….ok, ok, now we are getting in Cult of Personality here….and I think personally, obviously, that that diminishes her aura…Carol didn’t need it and doesn’t…Daryl never needed it….so let’s tamp this down and get real…they’re eye candy and for the most part a lot across the board are exceptionally intelligent….so, let them prove themselves without this cult of personality edification…..did Christianne Amanpour ever need it?  Me thinks not!  She would have scratched their eyes out in a Montreal moment….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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