Ellen Degenerate..”Promises to be the nice judge”…and can’t wait to go up against Simon!!!!!!!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

ok, ok, I can see it now, first, Ellen Degenerate in her first dust up with Simon….man he’s going to cut her off at the knees of her chicken legs, thusly ruining her pseudo dancing career….law suit number 1, then, secondly, Ellen Degenerate being the nice judge is going to root for every shaven headed mullet wearing grossly overweight flannel shirt wearing jean wearing construction boot stomping so called female….law suit number 2, thirdly, she’s going to root for every fruitcake male/boy band that Michael Jackson never had a chance to sleep with…you know, the Milli Vanillis….ummmm, Clay Aikins, the Jackson 6…..and the beat will go on…law suit number 3…. but you know what’s really going to bring her down?  I consider myself a smart guy….but I would never dare try and match wit and words with Simon Cowell and she is the most obnoxious choice that could have made…..like I said earlier on a blog….why didn’t they just pay Paula the money she was due….she was only making 1/6 to 1/4 of the rest of them….to tell you the truth…I rarely watched this show before…but I will be watching now to see it implode…..until Paula comes back to rescue it….Andy from Ottawa, Canada 


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