Ellen Degenerate….was she ever funny? A comedien?

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Good God, I think I’m going to spew…you’ve never heard me introduce a blog like that before….but as this Degenerate-gate is going on about her law suit vis a vis her so called prancing and dancing like a sissy fairy on her show and then her replacing Paula Abdul of all people on the Idol, I was stuck in a quandry for the entirety of the day….it is now 6:12 p.m. EST September 12, 2009….and ya, I’ve caught her from time to time while channel surfing but I have never once found her funny much less a comedien…who could shoot out five hundred jokes in a Montreal moment….look to Joan Rivers….Joy Behar….Phylis Dillar…and almost every comedienne we see on almost every late night show…those are comediennes….Ellen Degenerate you fall infinitely far from the mark….Andy from Ottawa


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