Canada Family Want to Sue Government over a Pedophile who killed their child….

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, do I need to add anything more?  We’ve had alerts, previous alerts, incarcerations, parole sentencings, nothing ever worked….as Shakespere said, “Let’s start off by killing all the Lawyers”…of course I do not agree with that…but I do agree and strongly emphasize truth in sentencing ie. if you get 25 years, you do 25 years right to the very day….and if police or parole officers are negligent sue them via the government….so yes, sue the government…look to all the victims of the Clifford Olsens, the Barnardo/Homolkas, and so many more people whose name I will not even dignify by repeating….as I did with those other 3 perverts…that was just for clarity and underlining, so like I said on CTS TV last week, to Christine Williams, it is already too late when we begin to realize that there is a problem….a widespread problem..nip it in the bud ASAP….Andy from Ottawa


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