To Fellow Wine Lovers….got another star for you…

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Fellow Winos….if you remember my last award winner I posted…you know I hate the yuppy word that begins with a c has an o and an n,…..I hate that word…I just know what I like and what other people like….today my wife rewarded me with a bottle of Shiraz 2007 from Pelee Island Winery…she paid $8.95 CDN from the LCBO, apparently it was on sale….full retail around $12.00 and believe me…it is worth every’s a full bodied red, does not call itself a merlot but tastes like one….with a spicey peppery flavour….really really earthy  ie. you can tell it’s oak stored…and the label says it’s got the spicey blackberry, plum, and that’s about it…trust me, very understated for a very lip and palate smacking and pleasing treasure….so, try that one out my friends…Cheers!  Yours, Andy from Ottawa


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One response to “To Fellow Wine Lovers….got another star for you…

  1. Andy Stephen

    The first wine I commented on was called Fish Eye and it also was a Pelee Island Winery….

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