Brazil…When are you going to find the real story? Arturo Gatti I’m sure is just one of them that we don’t know about…

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Brazil, are you going the Mexican way?  By that I mean, obstificating, lying, being duplicitous and out and out incompetant at the same time (the dog nation does it superlatively), of this I am referring to the so called second autopsy on Arturo Gatti saying in conclusion he was not strangled…..well you dorks, his wife walked out alive….from that hotel room and no doubt all things being equal a lover walked out alive….anyways, let’s have the FBI check this out….I know I am probably way behind the 8 ball in terms of my message and timing of it….in other words the FBI are already there….but, just to finish husband dead, wife walks out alive, both were notorious for their lifestyle i.e. fidelity etc….and yet, no one knows why he is dead….a fan for life….Arturo may you find peace at last…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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