Mackenzie Philips…perennially ugly…victim of incest? I think not!!!!!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

I know I am jumping into real hot molten lead in a cauldron here…but…I refuse to believe a perennially dope addled (since she was a pre-teenager and is now in her what?  50s?) accuses her father who cannot answer for himself because he has been dead for 9 years…you know John Philips from the Mama’s and the Papa’s and she accuses him of rape (on her, I repeat her, I repeat again her, wedding night) when John who was once married to that etherial beauty Michelle Philips also of M&P fame…Dallas fame, Knotts Landing fame….she would dare to obviously insinuate that the so called incest was the root of all her problems…pretty convenient ugly face…very convenient you bowzer…he’s long dead and you’re coming out with this now?  I got a real sharp pitch fork to stick in your ass….you lying bitch…and an ugly repugnant one at that…and that’s just your face I’m talking about….sincerely yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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