Mexico…Pig Nation 3: Canada…Innocent 0…read more…

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, ok, for months now I’ve been adamantly warning Canadians to stay away from Mexico…Land of duplicity, corruption, rape, murder and everything else….even Santiaria and Palos Mayummbe (religion to protect the cartels….very extreme, very deadly) …. ok, so the month of September alone, once again, innocent Canadian gringos were victims and returned to Canada feet first in a bag….two weeks ago it was a female, very very under reported even here in Canada….today, I caught on the news crawler (Roger’s television) two men in a condo in Vallarta….now, in that month alone of September, even though we still have 2 days left, how many unreported, under reported or ignored rapes, violence, robberies, muggings et all has truly gone on in that Pig Nation?  Like I said a couple of months ago…when I personally took the time to telephone here in Ottawa the Mexican embassy concerning a 78 year old man who has been imprisoned for over 5 years now, the Pig Nation sent out the RCMP aka The Registered Collectors of the Mafia Parliament….showed up at my door and advised me (strongly but very red faced) not to call directly on the phone….so I thought to myself….great, I’ll go internet and send it across the world….so, as I say again, September registry of innocent Canadians killed in Mexico in September alone, THREE….Mexicans zero…..well, that is all I have to say…Andy from Ottawa, Canada 


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