Roman Polanski…I think I left one in my toilet…I forgot to flush…read on..

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, so naturally our natural supercillious friends over in France (augggg) are upset over RP’s detention in Switzerland…well, who the hell else would have gotten away in plain view, plain sight, plain adulation of the masses….errrr, I mean, not the masses, but the hordes of pseudo intellectual whores and have gotten away with it with 31 year old charges of statuatory rape, hell, it would not be Bob Smith, Joe Dick, Andy Abdula or anybody else….I guess his raping prowess is an artistic statement to be deified and exalted over….anyways, on to something more important….think about your daughter, your grandchildren, and think who should be his cellmate… thinks a big hulking Swiss Hells Angel (they are over there too you know big time)…and I think he would be carrying Brutus’ baby probably called RoseMary up his anus for 9 months…real stunned, real disgusted, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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