Brazil get the Olympics? Ok, no problem…

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, Rio got the Olympics fair and square..but believe me Dear Readers fear of crime (read Chicago) had nothing to do with it…as anybody whose been a nose hair from Rio’s mardi gras will tell you crime is big big business down there….so gringos beware!  Everybody beware!  Have a nice funeral…or hospital stay….oh by the way….make sure you paid up your Blue Cross or any health plan that you have….but don’t blame it on Chicago…it’s out of the equation now….yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada



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2 responses to “Brazil get the Olympics? Ok, no problem…

  1. I don’t believe Brazil is quite as dangerous as you are implying…
    Obviously there will be a large target group of tourists as there are everywhere tourists flock but I highly doubt “funeral…or hospital stay” is likely.

  2. Andy Stephen

    Dear Ashleythinks,
    then go ahead and buy a ticket…and go on down and be the gringo you are…and if you can send me a message back…I know it’s years from now…oh and by the way….I hope your husband or boyfriend or whatever is built like Arnold Swartznegger to protect you…Good Luck Dear! Thank you for replying, hope to hear from you either soon or when and if you have the nerve and money to go to Rio yourself…and send me a message back then that all was safe…trust me, I used to be single, had a freakin riot, the best years of my life…and I was a cop then, and I was sniffing around and getting information about going to mardi gras and what I found out from criminal statistics through interpol and one of my best friends who owned a travel agency that I was going to book it through scared the shit out of me…I just decided to buy another motorcycle (Harley Davidson of course) just for your info….take care, Andy from Ottawa, Canada

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