Canadian Stupidity Run Amuck!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, once again political correctness facist moralism has gone too far once again….now we are talking about a $308 smoking in a work place environment….do you know what that environment was?…can you imagine what that smoke place was?….can you really really imagine what that work place was?….I hope you are wearing Depends, adult diapers right now when I tell you what it was…do you know what the work place was?  A man’s truck…I repeat…a man and the truck he worked out of …. he was smoking in his truck which obviously the neo-facist PC’ers considered a work place…lay a $308 tax grabber on him for endangering himself I guess….is it me?…or am I right?…at 54 years old I am glad that I am not treating my colon cancer because I want out of all this stupidity…do you blame me?  I am serious on this….I shit you not and I repeat…I sincerly shit you not….I cannot wait until I am out of here with all this stupidity!  Andy from Ottawa


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