Dear Fellow Winos and Wastrells…Got another Liquid Gold Mine for ya!!!!!!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

As I said fellow winos and wastrells, my wife presented to me another way under priced LCBO liquid gold…’s an Italien DOC regularly priced at $7.45 CDN (obviously a 750 ml) on sale for another couple of weeks for $6.95 CDN… I said it is a DOC called MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO by CITRA….it is astonishingly smooth, yummy to the tummy and the brain, …. goes with anything you eat and is pleasing as you are, well for me anyways, smoking a Cuban cigarello…..goes obviously well for any and all palates….to add obviously it is a red, 2008, and if it comes from Abruzzo, if it ain’t a shotgun (luparra) it’s another mind blower…..fruity, spicey and the bite is not so strong because the tannins are smooth………so buy em up fellow wastrells…yours, Andy from Ottawa


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