Summer Olympics Rio eh? Told ya! Last Blog re Violence…

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, on my first blog concerning the Olympics choice being held in Rio as opposed to Chicago USA, and Chicago lost because supposedly they are too violent, I sent a blog immediately and as I said that was weeks ago when it was first announced, that Rio was a dangerous place that even I, when I was single, good looking policeman, trained in martial arts and weaponry, even I was advised never to go there (for the mardi gras) so, I had a lot of hits, responses and messages and I was called a racist…..on a few of them, well lookey lookey lookey in the news today…12 people in a brazen daylight shoot out cops vs. gangsters dead….and that includes the two cops….hmmmm me thinks Chicago doesn’t look too bad now eh?  Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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