Well Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton you buffaloed (f’d) again eh?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Well you two dorks…media hungry, opportunistic, racist in your own right….now two years later we learned the true story of Meagan Williams who supposedly and who you two embraced without a doubt and got a ton of publicity, racist bent I might add, recants her own racist accusations against 6 white men/women who supposedly kept her in a locked garden shed and supposedly did everything imaginable, sexual and otherwise…..to her….I might add at the time of her recantation people were still imprisoned because of her racist vile groundless accusations…so, brothers Jackson and Sharpton does the name Tawana Browley come to mind?  God you guys are so easily fooled….you have to be simpletons through and through….just like your own President…who I strongly supported from his first day….you are just like him….and I am not talking colour here….I am talking about RUSH TO JUDGEMENT….that is all I can bear to say..my stomach is still heaving having to write to you guys….you instigators and provacators make me sick….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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