USA…Gang Rape…I guess it’s a cultural thing…

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

USA, you got a few cracked eggs in your basket I think…20+ people and I use the word people very loosely…….involved and / or bystanders/onlookers, cheerleaders, in the gang rape of a 15 year old girl….ok, first off, I know and have lived and still do by the credo that either you lead the pack or you are hunted by the pack…no problem as a man….been there, done that, got the teeshirts….but, gang rape of a girl, let alone anyone, any age, any sex, well, now we are going into “it’s a cultural thing”  rap music, rap videos, rap concerts….I don’t have to paint a picture any further do I?  ya, I can understand, but never accept, war time rape, but, gang rape?  in the United States?  in our (lack of) moral zeigiest?  What the hell gives?  All my best wishes and prayers to the victim, and as for the, and I mean all the participants and onlookers….can’t wait to see and hear you’re being passed around hand to hand in the Big House with the Big Boys….Boy are you going to rue the day that you were spat and excreted on this world….you bastards….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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