USA…you law suit hungry idiots!!

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, so a kid got hit playing baseball and died….yes, that is a tragedy….but a tragedy does not equate to a litigious outrage…I’m talking Louisville Slugger industry is ordered to pay the poor family (well I guess not too poor if they launched this ridiculous suit) and the family is awarded $850,000 because (the boy was hit by a ball struck successfully by an aluminum bat)….ahhhh…well, was the boy or any of the boys for that matter across the USA, Canada and Japan expecting to be hit by a wooden bat?  a bamboo bat?  a straw bat?  a cane bat?  a real fruit bat?  I mean come on….this is ridiculous….football players, young and old have the highest head injury deaths and survival and heart attacks….would the parents chose to sue Spalding Company, the maker of the football….ya, it sounds real trivial and stupid doesn’t it?  well, that is what it must be reduced to….the simplistics…a baseball bat is a baseball bat…wood or aluminum…it’s intended to hit the ball hard and that is that….$850K….that is ridiculous….at 54, I have now chosen, by my own volition to shave with one helluva expensive straight razor (Dobo) and if I slit my own throat…do you think I would sue Dobo?  or my want to be widow sue?  LOL…no she would not be stupid enough to sue Dobo…anyways, man this is ridiculous….but my sympathies to the poor kid that his death has made a team of lawyers extremely rich….while the family will only get 1/3 of the loot, if that….would you take money under those circumstances?  Andy from Ottawa….


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