Bandito Nation…HAMC..Please Read On…

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To People Who are Supposed to be Brothers…only within their own family…I understand….and know…how come in Canada some book is being written by some citizen, a know nothing piece of shit, is suggesting and writing and publishing very soon in a book, that, HAMC was appeased by their mortal enemies, the Banditos to kill a few off….as if…..there is no appeasing once you have taken up the life….no quarter given, no quarter expected….all or nothing….zero sum solution….so………..let’s expose that so called writer to be the piece of supercillious shit that he must be to suggest that…HAMC is all or nothing…Bandito Nation are the same….no negotiation and certainly no club would encourage an enemy club to commit fratricide because the same could happen to them….even I know that….and know I never considered myself a citizen, but, unfortunately because of a previous job I held I can never be a brother, so anyways, boycott the book, it already at first blush, it’s bullshit and do not line his pockets….that is all I have to say….Andy from Ottawa…


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