USA… What is going on?

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

USA, I’ve sent this blog out several times….why are you withholding the totality of your deaths in Iraq of your brave men and women who have lost their lives for an ingrate nation?  The last count I heard was months ago by Nancy Grace on HLN and that had it (months ago) at 4342 and what about the totality of your Afghan losses…another ingrate nation…ya, we hear 2 a day here, 14 a day there….but we never hear the totality…are you afraid…you politicians that is….of the Viet Nam War curse…just wondering…I have even called several times the military attache’s office in Ottawa ie. your own embassy and they all play dumb when it comes to that question….I say to them well check your computer….and they say we have no computer access to that….ya right!  in the military attache’s office….I dare you for the sake of your own people who want their boys and girls home and I also dare you to be truthful as President Obama promised he would be to furnish the numbers on a regular bases….and trust me with my persistence and my wife’s computer savy we could find Michael Moore in a Montreal moment and ask him….skeptically yours, Andy from Ottawa….


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