Oh Canada…H1N1 Flu Vacine…for Athletes????

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, being a true Canadian I know that Canada sucks and blows (especially the women) over our hockey mega gods who get paid mega millions, but for the one instance that we know was caught re Calgary Flames Hockey team all getting their H1N1 flu shot in a private undisclosed location, in other words not in a hospital, out in the open, they secretly get the H1N1 shot…ok, that’s cool…we love our dummies on skates…now, statistically speaking how many lives did they endanger because of their greediness?  i.e. children, pregnant women, the elderly like my old inlaws who live in a retirement home with 100 other elderly people and all the friends and family that drop by for those over 100 people….professional atheletes in Canada…stick to what you do best…excel in your field and continue being arrested for drunk driving…those two things are what you do best…you are not worthy any more than we are…in the lineup…and I know one of your officials got fired, I hope many more are to come….it is like the old adage of a sinking boat….women and children first…but you bastards took up a life raft or two….how many did you leave behind?  Just curious, Andy from Ottawa


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