CNN/HLN/Robin Meade…What gives?????

by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

ok, ok, I’ve written about this concern of mine before and I think I called it “What’s with the cult of personality?”…..yes, Robin Meade is very telegenic…and if I wasn’t married she would be in my bed in a Montreal moment….but what is up with her screeching advertising of her show?  does she want to be a rock star (looks yes, voice no)?  or does she want to be a professional as she is in her own right?  I mean, damn it…I purposely get up early in the morning to watch her and look at her and see what she is wearing (more low cut please)….but to hear her screeching so called singing on commercials advertising her hours on HLN even my cat just goes crazy running away….so Robin, more T&A, less singing….yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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