Britain Apolgies for sending over children during WWII

by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, I fully agree with that 65 year old sentiment…they should not have ever sent over their children during the blitz, because one of them, in my case, became my Mother….and she was, is, will always be, the nastiest, most miserable BITCH that I don’t know who ever created…yes, Britain owes not an apology to the kids of the blitz but they sure as hell owe me one helluva big apology for the nastiest, most wicked, most malicious and malevant piece of shit I have ever met in my life….and I’m 54 years old and I’ve met a helluva lot of people in my time….so Britain, you owe me some money or some military type of medal for what I put up with from your goddamned country…Andy from Ottawa…


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