To Hamilton Man who Decrecated Cenotaph…read on…

by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

re Hamilton man who urinated on a World War I/II Cenotaph on Rememberance Week and then to top it off spat on all the wreaths….I wish this on you my piece of shit…I wish that you were somehow in a parallel universe, sent back to an Army barracks of the Warriors fighting WWI or even WWII, it doesn’t matter…knowing what you did….you would not have lasted a Montreal moment…you unmitigated piece of shit…I hope that this never leaves your name and will forever follow you (ie. job application etc etc or that you remain living in Hamilton) and you can be sure one day, one moment, one bar, one Canadian young War Vet from Afghanistan wearing jeans and a red and blue airborne teeshirt knows who you are and sits beside you in the bar…I will say no more, I will prognosticate no more, I leave it to your and your doctor’s, and I mean one helluva lot of doctors that would have to work on you……………..imagination….I’m getting out of here, I think I’ve said enough….Andy from Ottawa



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2 responses to “To Hamilton Man who Decrecated Cenotaph…read on…

  1. kellybee62

    I agree with you 100% Andrew..That Low life,Scumsucking bag of maggot shit in Hamilton will one day get what he deserves.My brother in law served in Afganistan in 2006. He was two weeks from coming home, when he and his driver drove over a road side bomb….It took six seconds for it to explode..My brother in law and his driver were lucky but his friend of twenty years and his driver were not. ( they were following in the vehicle right behind ) BTW they were killed three weeks before Christmas…. Karma is a bitch..and I hope that one day this piece of maggot shit coward suffers a slow and painful end to his worthless life. P.S I hope all is well with you Andrew. Raise a glass to the comrades we lost, my friend it’s been a long long time.

    • Andy Stephen

      Dear Kellybee62,
      Man, that was one poignant message from you my friend! Just like I predicted, years ago, Afghanistan is going to hit in circles, concentric circles, i.e. in a ripple effect many many people…in Canada and the USA….I am so sorry for the ripple that hit your family….and it goes to show why we have to always remember our comrades, our heroes and everybody who is stuck over there…for example, one day a grocery packer i.e. clerk is bagging groceries for a living and he is working the next aisle from you and the next day he is over seas fighting to save one of two ingrate duplicitous corrupt nations that have already fixed a price on his head…so much for gratitude eh? RSVP ASAP anytime! Yours, Andy from Ottawa.

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