USA…Closing Gitmo/Move to Illinois?

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, like my title says, now let me get this right, you are going to put 5 of the top 9/11 instigators on civilian trial with all of it’s inherant rights and protected priviledges……so much for water boarding 183 times on RUK….case tossed right off the bat….then you propose to shelter and try eventually the other 200…are you guys nuts?  I tell you what, and I am a Muslim myself, but I am a good Muslim….I’ll even tell you my chosen name….Saifullah….I suggest you take the over 200 bastards, load them up on a ship and sink them in international waters… stand at great risk, oh America…bigger than you would even believe…it will be a non ending, unending, never to be satisfied blood oath of the zealots to wreak havoc on your nation as long as the lunatic fringe of my own faith are on your soil….woe to you USA….Andy / Saifullah from Ottawa, Canada



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