Ontario Cops “Risk Your Job, To Do Your Job” ya right…listen to this ex-cop and read on

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, shut off your nitrous oxide so you won’t be laughing as hard as this story will unfold. It is the honest to God quote from Vern White the chief of police of Ottawa…..on November 16th at some late night gathering (of whom I don’t know but it was well attended) he had the balls to stand up and address the audience concerning police and community (ahhhhh I’m an ex-cop so read on…..) police should “risk their job to do their job”….that was then reported the next day at exactly 12:05 p.m. the 17th of November on CTV and I flipped….back in 1987 I “risked MY job to do MY job” with an ex-boxer whom it took 4 of us to handcuff……and by myself when I got him into the cell block to place him in jail (he was under arrest for break and enter, hiding in his ex-girlfriends place where he had broken into and chased out his 13 year old step son whose name was Eddie, and was lying in wait in total darkened apartment to confront her and her new boyfriend) I uncuffed him, one on one, nobody else was around but the jailer four feet away with the keys…to make a long story short I beat him to the punch…..now, fast forward 3 year long trial, got acquitted….charges re-laid under the Police Act….because chief flannagan (notorious drunk, even died years later drunk falling down a flight of stairs, as his wife had 2 years earlier, exact staircase in their home, that is the truth) so, under the Police Act I was facing none other than the ex police commissioner of Ottawa, Justice Dan Chilcott…..so, by now we are looking at over 4 years of me under paid suspension, almost no doubt a million dollars for a court case that left egg dripping off the jowls of the Ottawa brass…..chief drunk flannagan and they came back to me themselves via my lawyer Arthur Cogan Esquire….and I jumped with a hell of a lot of money in my pockets…you know the old saying…better jump than be pushed….now, getting back to today…..Vern White espouses in his wisdom “cops should risk their jobs to do their jobs”….what A POISENED CHALICE TO DRINK OUT OF……ya, as if the police brass are going to stand behind a hard working cop doing his own damn job and expect even today to be protected and stood by, by the brass?  Ya right!  The only brass that stands behind their police officers are the RCMP or the QPP when they are shooting Indians to death…so anyways, I have contacted CTV, CBC, newspapers in my town, even called and left a message or two to the chief himself and the chief didn’t even have the balls to call me back….so remember from this Dear Readers….if you have a son, daughter, or even yourself are considering or are in law enforcement in Ontario, especially Ottawa, the vaunted vern white’s quote that cops should “risk their job to do their job” 16 November 2009 is nothing but drinking from a poisened chalice…they will wreak and ruin you, your good name, your good life and your good reputation….they are nothing but liars and duplicitous bullshiters……..Andy from Ottawa, former badge #690


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