ONT. Justice..Ottawa PD in particular…

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, Ottawa police department has a long standing tradition of keeping people in their employ as policemen even if they are charged with sex crimes….or, drunken driving or, assaulting their own children with weapons i.e. a belt or whatever….but it must be enough….severe enough that they get charged….but are they under paid suspension?  No…..they are still working as cops….i.e. full duties, wearing a weapon, actually two weapons, actually three weapons….that is to say, their gun, their baton, and mace….and as for the cop who was providing info to a drug big wig here in our area using our computer CPIC system (goes cross country police search on everything about everybody) if I remember correctly he is still working too….now we go back, way back, way back to 1987…I was charged for beating up a ex-boxer, one on one, who it had taken 4 of us to handcuff…but I took him one on one uncuffed…well….I was suspended, with pay, for almost 5 years….then, I was to face, even though I was acquitted criminally, a police act hearing for my job….same circumstances, same evidence, irregardless of my acquittal…..I was to face police act hearing by none other than the ex-police commissioner Dan Chilcott himself….so….chief drunk flannagan and my lawyer negotiated a golden parachute for me…thanks to my lawyer….chief drunk flannagan would have made sure if not for my lawyer that my parachute was full of holes….at the same time my case was going on another cop was charged with sex crimes that he was charged with criminally as well…well….he kept his job….i.e. no suspension, but he got to work everyday, sometimes even as a gasoline jockey at the police cruisers fuel station…but at least he got to work 10 hours a day….and when he was acquitted, for his sex crimes, he wasn’t charged under the police act….so, I guess the Ottawa brass love their criminals in their midst and hate and dispise and loath a real cop who was only doing his job and when he was acquitted (one helluva a lot of publicity over 5 years)they realized they had egg dripping off their jowls but policemen who are underworld spies….no problem….sex criminals….no problem…parental abuse with a weapon…no problem….all in a day’s work…like the vaunted vern white says (ottawa chief of police)…risk your job, to do your job….ya right vern, you piece of crap…been there, been burnt, very very p.o.’d  to this day….you have not heard the last of me yet….until I am dust in the wind…Andy from Ottawa, ex-690.


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