Amanda Knox…Guilty? Hmmm

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, she’s a beautiful woman…got in waaaaay over her head in something but guilty?  I don’t know….up here in Canada we were let down by a similarly beautiful woman who was proved to be in two murders and umpteen rapes in collusion with her husband…I refer you to Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo…she was a beautiful woman too…so, yes, even beautiful women can kill….but the circumstances of Knox aka Foxy Knoxy leave me wondering…slitting a throat with no other stab marks is not a typical female way of killing….(ex-cop 12 year veteran) a typical female killing with a knife 99.99% of the time is a single blow….ask any cop, ask any convict, ask any social worker….women do not slit throats….that’s man stuff….and weren’t there two men involved?  one earlier is doing 30 years now and her boyfriend was sentenced with Knox to 1 year more than she is serving….I agree that she had to be either a knowing or an unknowing accomplice by virtue of her being somewhere in the same house….but a woman slitting throats…..don’t buy it….Andy from Ottawa


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