Canadian Forces…to leave their bases to live with Afghanis?????

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

ok, I just heard the news today, oh boy!…sigh….now in this politically correct undeclared war we are fighting on behalf of the USA….the latest news flash is today the 13th of December 2009, that our Canadian Troopers are to leave their “safe bases” to live with regular Afghani people….is that nuts or what?  Did somebody put LSD in the water or coffee at CDN headquarters to come up with that idiotic idea?  People….I am a Muslim myself, but I am a peaceful Muslim, and I know that 99.999% of Muslims, especially Afghanis are any foreigners (in their country) enemy…so ya, we are going to send our wholesome young kids and some tough SOBs to live with people who don’t even want them there in the first place, let alone their country…I can see all that is going to happen…there will be multiple accusations of Canadian troops raping, dishonouring, drinking liquour, taking drugs etc etc etc….to “dishonour their so called hosts and religion” so whoever thought this bone head idea needs a check up from the neck up or for that matter loose his neck entirely….why would we put our soldiers in harms way….I have nothing more to add….Andy from Ottawa


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