Ontario Justice System….Nuts again eh?

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Alright, I agree that that teenager who was sentenced to 41/2 years in prison for bank robberies probably deserved it…I understand although he was never armed throughout his trial and sentencing he was never contrite…..now, ok, that is a robbery against well protected people, bullet proof glass etc….police alarms, etc etc…now, what about sentencing for crimes against women….never heard of a  41/2 year sentence, first offence for rape….aggravated sexual assault….where is the justice in sentencing?  On one hand we have a crime against property, and on the second hand we have a crime against a person…which is more important?  I need not emphasize enough to you the obvious…the stone cold obvious…crimes against persons be they male, female, young or old that must trump heavy handed sentencing way over property crimes….that is all I have to say….Andy from Ottawa



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2 responses to “Ontario Justice System….Nuts again eh?

  1. kellybee62

    Once again Andrew you’re right….All to often crimes against people {women is particular} go unpunished or the offenders get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Yes I believe that that all criminals should be punished but the punishment should fit the crime.In my case..the low life scum piece of crap,received a three months house arrest sentence for his second offence. {big deal}.It seems that the offenders have more rights than their victims,as you once told me many years ago. Many times I thought about introducing my baseball bat to the side of my ex husband’s skull..but I thought my luck…I would end up spending the next twenty five years in prison.so I hurt him in a way that he will probably never recover..{financially} My only hope is that when this worthless piece of maggot shit beats another woman { and he will}that she has a brother or knows someone who is affiliated with an outlaw biker club. His punishment will not be sitting in his house drinking beer and watching hockey for three months…Kelly B.. {Barrie,On.} formally from Ottawa

    • Andy Stephen

      Dearest Kelly,
      Thank you for the support and thank you for your great response….I know who you are Kelly…and you’ve got the brains to organize a grassroots movement re truth in sentencing for perpetrators of violence against women….You Go Girl! You are very very intelligent and I am sure with your brains and clever talk you could probably even sometime, somehow, pass a law into the criminal code……..much respect Kelly, hope you are doing good and much much respect…always yours, Andy from Ottawa

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