Ontario Justice System…What is going on with the cops these days?

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Speaking as an ex-cop, 12 years Ottawa Police force….and I emphasize ex-cop, what is going on with all these current police officers being charged with all these offences?  I will not go into detail, it’s already in the news and I’m sure you can dig it up yourselves…but in my day, and to my personal demise, my charge was beating up one on one an ex-boxer who was laying in wait for his ex-girlfriend and new boyfriend to walk in the apartment (even chased out his step-son Eddy)so…..back in my day we were only suspect in aggressiveness….now flash forward…..  I thought these new cyber cops look alike clones and oh so educated were impervious to any scintilla of dirt…ha ha ha…….by my own experience and my own sight, I have seen three two men cars respond to a single person…………six to one today….in my day and many others day and I give full kudos to the old policemen that trained me most of them were Korean War Vets or Merchant Marines………..in theirs and my day, it was one on one, on the beat, in total darkness and if it was anything more than that…it was our shame…for being a pussy….and pussys as we all know, even to this day, especially in policing rise like a rocket through the ranks…much like most, if not all, female police officers…that is all I have to say, no meow from me….just one hell of a bite….so bite me…pussy cops and brass….you know what you got….Andy from Ottawa


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One response to “Ontario Justice System…What is going on with the cops these days?

  1. what-is-going-on-with-the-cops-these-days that they think they can get away with their wrong doings forever?

    It is stupidly amazing how many crooks, clearly bad persons are still so unrepentant that they do think that all they have to do is just lie some more, bully some more of their accusers and they will next get away with it.. well they can dream on but there is eventually a limit to the amount of lying, abuse many will take..


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