Chief Vern Risk Your Job White….I Guess One Did Couple of Weeks Ago eh?

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Hey Vern….it’s me, my wife finally came home after a couple of weeks with my daughter and grandkids, and as you know I don’t know a damn thing about computers….never did, never will….but I’m glad to see somehow you’re linked in and how the hell you did it…kudos to you….but I think it was some young cyber geek that you hired…anyways…remember your old saying from November?  Risk your job, to do your job….remember all the hassell I gave you and even left 2 messages on your phone that you never responded to…well….Pickles, I guess, not only risked his job (sitting like a dummy in a fully lit area i.e. the front of the Civic Hospital fully lit) and because of his advanced age of being hired (48?) and being the 3 year veteran, I guess you thought he was well qualified and seasoned and experienced….Hey Vern, in my day, after 3 years we would still be on the beat probably graduating from 16 beat to 15 beat or if we were really good 1 beat in the spring and summer time…(1 beat used to be Sparks Street) now let me get this straight…you hired on a 48 year old, gave him a car, 3 years I guess, and he is sitting at night time in a fully lit car porch area where ambulances and everything goes in front of a hospital emergency ward…, a police cruiser like any other car has 2 side windows, 2 side mirrors, a big back window, a rear view mirror and at 3 years he is supposedly a seasoned cop….well, Vern, he risked his job and lost his life due to complacency…the biggest killer of all cops second only to vehicular accidents….now Vern, try and sneak up on me sometime…and I am part paralyzed, walk with a cane, and have a brain injury….but, I was hired by the best and trained by the best….and surrounded by the old coppers who were the best…I’m talking about Korean War Vets, Merchant Marine Vets, etc…..I’ll sum it up this way now……Crappy training and complacency and ridiculous hiring kills cops or wannabe cops….yours, Andy from Ottawa….


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