TV Ads for Health Stuff….

By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Just in a short sentence….how come all those guys and gals in sports equipment advertisements and health food advertisements are so God awful ugly? and why are they uglier yet when they have “achieved their goal”?  I guess the old saying is true, beauty is skin deep, but ugliness is to the bone….and man, those people are ugllllllyyyy!  I guess the advertisers have in mind representing real people and the average Joe and Janet…but hey, ratio speaking (arithmatically) we are not all that damn ugly….arithmatically speaking….just wondering, just curious, that’s all….Andy from Ottawa…


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One response to “TV Ads for Health Stuff….

  1. Mr. Stephen;

    I came across your blog here through an automatic generated link from my blog that I got up early for this morning to respond to the readership. I have found you through this means and began reading this article as well as a couple of additional posts you wrote with your thoughts.

    I have subscribed to your work and ideas here. Something perhaps, like a kindred spirit or something.

    Nice to meet you,


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