CNN Screeching Robin Meade…I found out my cat loves you!!!!…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, a couple of months ago I wrote a blog complaining about Robin Meade’s self serving screeching, I wanna be with you or something like that song…to promote her time on CNN…. As a very heterosexual man I admit she is eye candy and I freely admit she is the first person I turn the news on to in the morning…for news…and secondly I will admit her looks and what she is wearing…but, I as I wrote a couple of months ago he shrill screeching  singing promoting her time on CNN has always driven me nuts…as of late, I have noticed everytime Robin is screeching and shrilling my kitten Skittles jumps down to the floor in front of the television and whirls and twirls and purrs like a maniac….I have noted this time and time again and empiracally speaking and observed science style that my theory that Skittles my kitten is in fact totally enamored with Robin Meade …. for that, I cannot blame him…however he must be totally enamored and infatuated beyond reason…for that I love my kitten Skittles too…so, Skittles my kitten indeed has good taste….but, his taste in singing is way out of whack…but anyways, we both love Robin…love, Andy and Skittles from Ottawa


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One response to “CNN Screeching Robin Meade…I found out my cat loves you!!!!…

  1. I enjoyed the read as always. I have two saber-tooth tactical trained killers here at the house myself.

    Be well!

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