Ola!! Let’s go to Murderous Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Readers,

Been awhile since I’ve written about Mexico aka Pig Nation, but I have to spit this out…two days ago I saw on the CNN news crawler i.e. under the screen that 72 people were abducted from a Mexican Resort…how come there is no followup or disclaimer?  Did it happen or not?  I even saw it today…same thing…72 kidnapped from a Mexican Resort…how many were foreigners or whatever?  Then just 2 hours ago watching on TV that in Zapata Texas on a lake shared with Pig Nation a male on a jet ski with his wife on hers, the male had his head blown off and the wife was chased by a boat load of Cartel gun men…………she made it to the USA and is safe, the husband not recovered……..well…..it’s October so if you are thinking in advance of booking your Christmas vacation remember my previous diatribes and I admit they are diatribes against the Pig Nation that loves snuffing rich white gringoes…yours Andy from Canada


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