HIV Positive Muppets? Are you Kidding?

Dear Readers,

In my wildest Southern Comfort drunken dreams I could not have made this up….it is exactly 3:37 EST when I saw this on the CNN News Crawler that they are going to have, I assume it is Disney that owns the copyright to them now, a live HIV positive muppet…you know like the muppets you see when you go into any Disneyland or Disney spot and one of them is going to be called an HIV Positive Muppet….of course I am not stupid enough to think that the person inside is HIV…I am not stupid to think that….but the fact that in these politically correct times of inclusiveness we even have to include the dark side of humanity and accept it….what the hell will the kids be asking their parents…Mommy, Daddy what’s an HIV positive muppet….he hugged me…does that mean I’m going to get sick too? or does it mean HIV is normal and just like having chicken pox….Christ Readers, what the hell has become of our sense and sensibility?  Very very angry Andy from Canada….


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