The Dumbing Down of TV watching

Dear Readers,

I have put an enema to both of my ears trying to clear the you know what that lives between my ears so I have a fresh outlook and yet everytime I turn on TV it is getting f” ing dumber by the f’ing season…ok, Jersey Shore, I can put up with, cuz I used to look like Pauly and Snooki is a hottie….but the Cake Boss and all these stupid cake making cooking shows and then on the weekend all you get is Real Estate TV shows…ie. selling this house, fixing this house….I say….Blow up the House….then they have all these stupid, in prime time hours all these dog shows…like what gives?  Where are intelligent , comedic or non-fictional story writers?  We’re already up to our teeth with all these stupid reality shows that go nowhere…myself, I think TV is soon going to go the way of news print news…everything is going to be computer… choosing of movies, computer generated news, but, thank God for Fox and CNN….at least that grounds us to reality….very confused Andy from Canada….

p.s. England lock up your public washrooms…..I understand George Michaels got out of prison today….be very very scared….and careful…LOL LOL LOL


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